Juven Jacob at the White House's West Wing

Juven Jacob is an experienced former communications and public relations director in Washington, D.C and is currently the Special Assistant to the President of the Kennedy Center. He graduated cum laude from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Public Relations and Political Science. He was elected to serve as the Secretary to the student body's Public Relations Student Society of America where he traveled with the leadership team to New York City and New Orleans to present several public relations campaigns and strategies to the association. He successfully ran and was re-elected twice serving three years as the organization's secretary. 

Jacob was awarded the National Leadership Scholarship from the Hispanic Student Association to recognize his hard work in the communication and marketing fields. 

Jacob worked for former Houston Mayor Bill White during his 2003 mayoral bid and in 2010 as the Texas Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate. Jacob worked to re-elect Houston Mayor Annise Parker for the November 2013 election. Right before relocating to Washington, D.C., Jacob was actively working for Senator Wendy Davis' campaign as the Texas Democratic candidate for Governor of Texas.  He is also an active member of several organizations, including: Public Relations Society of America, Texas Democratic Party, Harris County Democratic Party and Bipartisan Policy Center.

He worked for Reich & Binstock, LLP, a nationally recognized law firm for over 10 years. He was hired part-time as a legal assistant during his senior year of college while also completing an internship at de La Garza Public Relations.  After graduating college he was hired on full-time as a communications director and through the years moved his way up the firm eventually leading the team through multiple successful campaigns. Additionally, in 2004, he started work for the Hayes Law Firm, P.C., a Securities Arbitration Firm representing investors against the largest brokerage firms in the nation. The arbitrations were brought under the National Association of Securities Dealers NYSD and the New York Stock Exchange NYSE now combined under the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, often referred to as FINRA.

In addition to his corporate work, for the past 3 years, Jacob has served as the Public Relations Director for LIVE CONSORTIUM, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides HIV and Anti-Stigma education, support, advocacy, and research based programs. In anticipation of moving to Washington, D.C., Jacob accepted a position on the Board of Advisors. 

He is an avid runner and thrives off the commitment and dedication it takes to train for marathons. On his free time he enjoys volunteering and spending time with his nieces and nephews.

Jacob relocated from Houston, Texas to  Washington, D.C. in March 2014.

I’ve learned through my path of self-teaching, that fear is the ultimate culprit of holding us back. Fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of the unknown keeps us in a comfortable place and afraid of change.The more important an action is to our soul’s evolution, the more we resist it because of fear. So I’m letting go of the fear, taking risk and taking chances.

Truth is, we all know we don’t have forever, but we do know we have right now.
— Juven Jacob