The New Normal

By: Juven Jacob

The nation woke up today to a continuation of Senator Ted Cruz holding the floor of the senate in a faux filibuster. There was no legislation he was holding up. There was no vote he was preventing from happening, unlike what a filibuster is meant to do. In fact, Cruz negotiated the terms of the "speech" with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, just put on the biggest publicity stunt of his career for his future aspirations to be President. He turned the United States Senate into a theatrical show reading "Green Eggs and Ham" and citing references to White Castle Burger, the WWE and of course bringing up Nazi Germany and comparing fellow Senators to Nazis for not wanting to shut down the government. Ironically, I don't think Senator Cruz understand the moral of "Green Eggs and Ham," which is basically don't knock it 'till you try it. So someone should explain to Cruz that the Affordable Care Act has yet to be implemented.  

Sadly, all of this brings me to the point of all of these theatrics. Washington, D.C. seems to be in a permanent state of dysfunction. In other words, the damn thing is broke. And for the foreseeable future. Not even a national presidential election turned the tide and forced both sides to some kind of compromise. For a brief moment, we saw the GOP tiptoe towards the middle and seem to want to compromise after the shock of the election but that "rebranding" and "renewal" is officially over.  So what will the rest of the President's term look like? Most likely the economy will teeter on a painfully slow recovery, grasping for air as the sequestration cuts deal it blow after blow. The so called "Grand Bargain" on tax reform and entitlements is all but defeated along with immigration and any meaningful jobs recovery or infrastructure bill. The government will continue to function from continuing resolution to continuing resolution, which will likely bring demands from the tea party that will keep the economy and the American people on the brink of a shutdown or a government default. We have become the nation of governing by crisis. One can only hope that the next election brings about significant enough change to push both parties to the bargaining table. The economy and the American people cannot continue to live under the threat of a shutdown or a default because adults in Congress can't seem to get along and do what they were sent to do — govern.